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Winter Weather Reminder

Begins on: Winter 2018

Prepare for weather-related delays
Getting around in the winter requires extra planning for everyone. Riders can anticipate slight delays during poor weather conditions. Riders should consider taking an earlier bus to keep themselves on time. Those who drive are reminded to yield to buses merging in traffic.

Increase visibility
Winter also means fewer hours of daylight. When it is dark outside, pedestrians and those waiting to catch the bus are not as easy to see as they might think. Metro Bus reminds everyone to be safe and increase their visibility at night by wearing reflective clothing, standing close to bus stops and staying in well-lit areas. Also, travelers can consider carrying a small flashlight or keychain light to increase visibility.

Weather-Related Closings
Riders can stay informed about weather-related closings on KCLD (FM 104.7), KNSI (AM 1450 & FM 103.3) and WJON (AM 1240) radio stations. Notifications will be posted on the Metro Bus Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Detour Affects Route 12

Begins on: 1/15/19 due to road closure by city

Detours begin at 9th Ave. and 14th St. S

  • Straight on 9th Ave. S
  • Right on 13th St. S
  • Right on 6th Ave. S — back on route

Detour is expected to last one day.


System Map Download

See the complete map of all Metro Bus routes.


Northstar Link

Commuter bus service to Big Lake, Twins games, and Vikings games is available from the Metro Bus Transit Center.


Jefferson Lines

Offering service to destinations throughout the country’s heartland and connects from the Metro Bus Transit Center.