Are you interested in working with us as a vendor or contactor? We issue solicitations for construction projects, goods, inventory items, consultant and professional services.

We are committed to ensuring equal opportunity for all vendors interested in our projects. We strongly encourage contractors, subcontractors, joint ventures and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) to bid on relevant projects and contracts.

RFP: Tire Lease Contract
Proposals accepted until 12:00 pm CST, Friday, July 20.
Download document and forms below.

Tire Lease Proposal 2018 Attachment 1: Proposal Quotation Form Exhibit B: Tire Specification Form

RFP: Business Identification Sign
Proposals accepted until Friday, July 27.
Download document and forms below.

RFP Cover Sheet: Business Identification Sign RFP: Business Identification Sign + attachments

RFP: Transit Advertising Program
Proposals due 3 pm CST Tuesday, August 14.
Download document and forms below.

RFP Cover Sheet: Transit Advertising Program RFP Transit Advertising Program + Attachments


As a part of our community involvement, service and dedication, we offer socially and economically disadvantaged individuals with equal opportunities to obtain contracts and project work.

Before you can participate as a DBE, read the Mn/DOT eligibility requirements and complete the appropriate forms to demonstrate that your business is eligible for the program.

DBE Directory: A searchable listing of all DBEs certified to perform work under the MN/DOT DBE program. Search by state, city, vendor, NAICS codes and more.


Metro Bus is allowed to provide certain community-based charter services accepted under regulation 49 CFR Part 604. All requests for charter service must be in compliance with federal regulations. Metro Bus may deny a request based on vehicle availability.

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FTA Charter

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