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The committee meets at 10 AM on the third Tuesday of each month at the Mobility Training Center, 700 West St. Germain St., St. Cloud, and all meetings are open to the public. The committee may be reached via email at RAC@stcloudmtc.com. Messages will be reviewed at the monthly meeting. Anything that needs to be addressed immediately or is more of a customer service issue will be forwarded to customer service.


Current Members

  • Keshia Anderson-King
  • Bruce Benner
  • Kelly Carlson
  • Vicki Johnson
  • Janet Scott
  • Jenny Svihel
  • Paul Thomas
  • David Williamsen


  • Provide feedback and recommendations for improving operational or service issues affecting Metro Bus riders.
  • Provide input into customer outreach activities.
  • Assist and advise Metro Bus staff and the Commission on updating the Long Range Transit Plan.
  • The RAC members will act as ambassadors for Metro Bus.


  • Membership will be compromised of eight volunteers.
  • The committee is staffed by the Chief Operations Officer and Planning Manager.
  • Members will include active Metro Bus riders and citizens who have an interest in public transportation.
  • The Metro Bus Chief Executive Officer (CEO) shall have the authority to remove any member in order to serve the best interests of Metro Bus.
  • The RAC elects a Chair and Vice-Chair, who will serve for a period of one year.
  • Administrative duties and the taking of minutes will be designated to Metro Bus staff.
  • Any vacancy on the RAC will be filled by application or appointment by the Metro Bus CEO, and will serve for the remaining term.