Metro Bus to temporarily eliminate fares, effective Friday, April 17

In an effort to maximize social distancing and reduce the spread of COVID-19, Metro Bus will stop charging fares for all services, including Northstar Link, effective Friday, April 17 until further notice. In addition, we are asking passengers to board and alight through the rear doors of the Fixed Route buses.

The following protocols will be in place for Fixed Route service beginning on the 17th:
  • Customers who are not able to use the rear door of Fixed Route buses due to limited mobility and/or mobility aides will be allowed to board and exit through the front doors. Fixed Route buses have wheelchair accessible ramps only for the front doors and do not kneel in the rear which may present an issue for some passengers.
  • At the Transit Center only:
    • Buses will provide more space when parked to allow customers easier access to the rear doors through the adjacent parking lane.
    • Operators will exit the buses when they park.
    • Passengers will be allowed to board and exit using both sets of doors.

The health and safety of our passengers and employees are our top priority during this unprecedented time. We strongly encourage customers to only make essential trips at this time and to follow social distancing guidelines on the bus, when boarding or alighting, and while waiting for the bus.


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