Metro Bus to serve new high schools with Route 12 and ConneX

Metro Bus is serving the new Sartell High School and new Tech High School with expanded service as of Monday, August 26. ConneX service expands to serve Sartell High School and Route 12 will be extended to serve Tech High School. The maps below show the service expansions.

ConneX, the on-demand ride service for Sartell, serves the new Sartell High School and nearby Oak Ridge Elementary School during regular weekday service hours, 6:30 AM – 8:30 PM. Service is exclusively to and from the schools.

Route 12, which runs from downtown St. Cloud to the Hwy. 75/I-94 interchange area, will divert three times on weekdays to serve Tech and the nearby Athlos and Stride Academies at 7:22 AM, 11:22 AM and 3:22 PM. At those times, Route 12 will bypass the Southway Drive loop. Stops will be added near the St. Cloud Medical Group South and each of the schools.
Note: Route 12 will be on detour from August 26 until approximately September 3 due to the construction on 33rd Street S. Service to Tech, Stride and Athlos Academies will begin as soon as construction permits.

Metro Bus’s Dial-a-Ride service area is also expanded to match these changes. In Sartell, Dial-a-Ride serves the new Sartell High School and Oak Ridge Elementary School during the same weekday service hours as ConneX. In south St. Cloud, the Dial-a-Ride service area is expanded to include the area north of I-94 and east of Hwy. 15 as well as a small area west of Hwy. 15. Call 320.252.1010 or visit the Dial-a-Ride page on the Metro Bus website for details and the complete service area map.

Click to see full System Map.


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