Effective January 2: Changes to Route 31 and Launch of ConneX On-Demand Ride Service

Route 31, which travels between the downtown St. Cloud Transit Center and Sartell, changes on Wednesday, January 2, 2019. The two major changes are an extended route to serve the medical clinics in south Sartell and a corresponding shift to hourly service. The biggest advantage to this new route is the increased convenience of direct service between downtown St. Cloud and the medical facilities in Sartell.

View Route 31 Schedule – effective 1/2/19.

ConneX, a new on-demand ride service trial, also launches in Sartell on January 2. ConneX is designed to replace and improve upon Route 32. ConneX will operate within Sartell and connect to Metro Bus Fixed Routes at Country Manor and Walmart.

Learn more about ConneX and the ConneX service area.



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