Eligibility & Certification

To be eligible for Dial-a-Ride an individual:

• Must be unable to board, ride, or disembark a Fixed Route Metro Bus, or access the Fixed Route system due to a combination of a disability and physical barrier (i.e. distance to bus stop, terrain, etc.)

• Uses a personal oxygen supply or ventilator.


Types of Certification

Unconditional: Year-round and under any condition.

Conditional: Under certain conditions based on a disability.

Temporary: When disability is temporary for a limited, specific amount of time due to post-operative recovery, broken bones, etc.

Non-Resident: When residing outside Metro Bus service area and meet eligibility criteria allows use of Specialized Service within the service area.

Visitor: When visiting and staying in Metro Bus service area. Must prove eligibility by presenting an identification card from their local public transportation program, or prove mobility impairments, such as use of a wheelchair or other mobility aid. Using the service longer than 21 days in a 365-day period of time requires completion of application.

Will receive an identification card that includes name, certification type and expiration date and the Specialized Service guide. Changes in disability status or address change must be communicated to Metro Bus.

Reapplying and Recalls
If an applicant is denied certification or recalled, the person may reapply if there are substantial changes in physical or mental capabilities.

Ineligible for Dial-a-Ride:
• A person requiring external life support equipment or immediate/emergency medical transportation.


To apply for Dial-a-Ride an application must be completed. To obtain an application call 320.251.7433, or click on the link below.

Download the Dial-a-Ride application  

Download the Dial-a-Ride Service Guide  


Mobility Training Center

Once an application is received, we will contact the applicant to schedule an in-person interview. This interview will be conducted at the Mobility Training Center, located at 700 West St. Germain Street, Suite 100, in downtown St. Cloud. 




Beverages must be in a container that has a sealable top or screw-on cap.

Bags or packages must be carried on in one trip. Drivers are only allowed to assist with two bags OR one cardboard grocery box. A companion can assist with additional packages.  

Seat Belt must be worn if available. The driver will secure wheelchair and engage separate seat belts.

Mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or karts, cannot exceed 30 inches in width, 48 inches in length. The combined weight of the individual and mobility aid must be less than 800 pounds.

Cancelling a scheduled trip: Trips must be cancelled as far in advance as possible. If a scheduled trip will not be used, it must be a cancelled at least two hour in advance to avoid a no-show.

No-Shows: Missing a scheduled ride or insufficient cancellation notice results in a no-show. A letter containing information about the no-show will be sent. Refer to the Specialized Service Guide for specific information about this policy.

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