About Us

The St. Cloud Metropolitan Transit Commission (Metro Bus) was created by the Minnesota Legislature in 1969 to operate as a Transit Authority.

Our Mission is to provide safe, reliable and friendly public transportation services.

Metro Bus service area consists of the cities of St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids and Waite Park.

Metro Bus annual operating budget for Fiscal Year 2015 is $12.2 million

Two operating divisions: 1) Fixed Route 2) Dial-a-Ride

Metro Bus owns/operates several major transportation facilities:

1) Operations Center - Built in 1985 with additions in 1994, 1998, 2000, 2005 and 2006. Houses administrative offices, Dial-a-Ride dispatching and Fixed Route call center, maintenance shop and vehicle storage. Total square footage is 77,425

2) Transit Center - Multimodal transfer facility in downtown St. Cloud, built in 1992 and remodeled and expanded in 2012. Metro Bus is the local Jefferson Lines agent, and intermodal connections made with local private taxi companies and public rural transit systems.

3) Mobility Training Center - Located in downtown St. Cloud, the Mobility Training Center features a simulated street environment for training & assessing an individual's physical & cognitive abilities as they pertain to using public transportation. The Center is also home to the Community Outreach & Travel Training program.

4) Crossroads Center Bus Stop - Completed in 2005 providing two architecturally-designed partially-enclosed and heated passenger waiting shelters, including parking and traffic circulation improvements, centered around a long-term lease arrangement.

5) 66 Bus Shelters and 850+ signed bus stops throughout the four-city transit service area. This shelter is at the St. Cloud Public Library.










Metro Bus Fixed Route System

Fixed Route ridership FY 2015: 2,099,501

Peak ridership months: November-FebruaryMetro Bus fixed route bus picture

Average number of weekday Metro Bus passenger trips FY 2015: 7,500/day

Number of revenue miles traveled annually by Fixed Route buses FY 2015: 1.4 million

Fixed Route Service Hours FY 2015: 86,981

Average passengers per hour FY 2015: 23.5

Number of Fixed Routes: 26

Buses in Fixed Route fleet: 39

Average age of current Metro Bus Fixed Route fleet: 5 years

Fixed Route cash fare: $1.25; Percent of bus riders paying with cash 20%

31 Day Pass $47.00; Percent of bus riders using 31-Day pass 29%


• Awarded $3.3 million federal Clean Fuels grant in 2012 to begin CNG fueling project.

• American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) Outstanding Public Transportation Awards in 1990 and 2007.

• First and only transit system in the nation to have 100% transit signal priority coverage of all fixed routes.

• First Minnesota transit system, in 1988, to partner with a state university - St. Cloud State University - to subsidize and deeply discount semester bus passes. Starting in September 2003, FREE RIDE U-Pass was implemented resulting in a 64+% ridership increase in one year on university-based routes.

• Re-introduced Sunday Fixed Route Service in May 2008 -- last provided in 1953.

• CNG fueled buses currently represent 70% of our Fixed Route fleet and 34% of our combined Fixed Route and Dial-a-Ride (para-transit) fleets. This number will jump to 43% when we get our first 6 CNG Dial-a-Ride replacement buses in Spring 2016.

• 2014 Urban Transportation System of the Year, Community Transportation Association of America

• 2015 Transit System of the Year, Minnesota Public Transit Association (MPTA)

• 2015 Management Innovation Award for the Mobility Training Center Project, MPTA

• 2015 Innovative Solutions Award for Mobility Training Center project, Metro Magazine


Fixed Route Rider Profile

(November 2009 Fixed Route on-board rider survey - All routes)

Age Profile:

Picure of Metro Bus ridersUnder 18  4%
18 - 29     48%
30 - 45     22%
46 - 64     20%
65 & Over 6%                       

Trip Purpose:

Work     46%
School   39%
Shopping 8%
Social      4%
Medical   2%


• Daily bus riders 5 or more days a week: 77%

• 31% of riders have been riding for 6+ years; 44% are under 2 years

• Percentage of riders who didn't have to make a transfer during their ride: 45%

• Percentage of riders who didn't have a car available to them: 84%

• If car was available, what was reason for using public transportation: 45% bad parking; environmental benefits was also listed




Dial-a-Ride ridership FY 2015: 133,303 

Average number of weekday passenger trips FY 2015: 484/day

Number of revenue miles traveled annually by Dial-a-Ride buses FY 2015: 538,194

Total number of service hours FY 2015: 43,469

Average passengers per hour FY 2015: 3.07

Buses in Dial-a-Ride fleet: 25

Average age of current Dial-a-Ride fleet: 7.8 yearsPicture of Dial-a-Ride bus

Cash fare: $2.50


• Specialized Service is Minnesota's first door-through-door, driver assisted Dial-a-Ride service for people with diabilities.

• One of the first systems in Greater Minnesota to have AVL dispatching and vehicle communications technology on Dial-a-Ride fleet.

• Implemented a successful Community Outreach and Travel Training Program funded by a Federal New Freedom grant.



Northstar Link

Northstar Link ridership FY 2015: 57,642

Annual service hours FY 2015: 5,868

Average passengers per hour FY 2015: 9.8

Buses in Northstar Link fleet: 6

Average age of current Northstar Link fleet: 16 years

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